How to Brighten Your Living Room Design

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or want to fix up your current space, brightening up your design is a great way to upgrade your living room. A dark living room can be gloomy and cause your space to look smaller and less welcoming than it should be. But where do you start?

The key to brightening your living room design is to focus on one decor idea at a time. There are multiple ways to lighten up the space and we’re excited to share them with you!

Keep reading to learn 5 ways to bring light into a dark living room:

1. Swap heavy drapery for lighter, colorful fabrics

Swap heavy drapery for lighter, colorful fabrics if you have natural light sources, such as large windows, in your living room, use them to your advantage! Swap your heavy or dark drapery that absorbs light with translucent materials. Consider a bright, colorful drapery that can bring color into your space instantly. If privacy is an issue, make sure your drapery is properly lined.

2. Bring in fun light fixtures

Your living room’s light sources don’t have to just be functional — they can also add fun decor elements, too. Take a look at overhead lighting, like chandeliers and hanging lights, that can add fun personality to your space without adding clutter or taking up too much room. If you have side tables, consider a brightly colored lamp in warm tones that can mimic sunlight.

3. Invest in a large, bright area rug

Area rugs can add softness and warmth to your living room instantly. Choose an area rug in colorful prints and/or fun textures to bring your space to life without any hassle. If your design preferences skew to neutral tones, choose an area rug that’s a bright white or light color. This will allow the rug to reflect your living room’s light sources, instead of absorbing them.

Invest in a large, bright area rug

A large area rug can add style and brightness to your space.

4. Embrace wall art

No matter what color your walls are, adding art pieces can add pops of color to a dark space. This will help to personalize your interior design instantly since you can choose wall art that lets your personality shine through. For extra cohesiveness, match other decor pieces to your art or vice versa!

5. Complement dark furniture with light-colored accessories

If you’ve already fallen in love with dark-colored furniture (e.g., a dark leather sofa), there’s no need to fret! Simply accessorize these main pieces with bright, colorful pillows, blankets or armchairs. White and pastel colors can easily match almost any color scheme while also solving your dark living room problem.

Decor ideas to brighten a small living room

But what if your living area is both dark and on the smaller side? In this case, here are two solutions to brighten your space:

1. Place mirrors wherever you can

Mirrors act as a double solution: They reflect light back into your living room and create the illusion that it’s bigger than it is. By placing mirrors on the walls of your living room, you can decorate without adding clutter.

2. Choose light-colored furniture with storage options

Neutral living room furniture with storage capabilities is ideal for any small space. For example, a white ottoman that can hold extra pillows, throws or miscellaneous items will brighten the room and reduce clutter overall. Alternatively, a coffee table with hidden storage or shelves underneath can also be a quick solution to your living room. Just make sure to choose a coffee table with a lighter-wood grain or color.

Design ideas for a living room without natural light

All of the above interior design solutions are perfect for adding light to your living room. Yet, you may be looking for very specific design ideas if your living room doesn’t have windows to add natural light. In this case, we have two solutions that will help:

1. Explore any and all ambient light sources

Light doesn’t have to come from one ceiling light or standing lamp. Take a look at other atmospheric light options that will incorporate a soft glow into your living room. This can include decorative candles (real or fake), string lights and/or orb lights. These lights can create luminosity without detracting from your natural style. They also add charm to make your space feel more intimate.

Explore any and all ambient light sources

Candles are an ideal source for ambient lighting.


2. Paint your walls a light color

From white to neutral tones, updating your wall color can instantly spruce up your space to look bright — even without a natural light source. Lighter colors reflect light to brighten your living room without making any structural changes. Even if you already have a light-colored living room wall, like a white wall, it may be worth it to deep clean it or give a fresh coat of paint to really seal the deal.

How to achieve a bright living room with Decorating Den Interiors – Pinkhaus

If you’re unsure where to start or how to brighten your living room while still matching your design style — simply reach out to  Decorating Den Interiors – Pinkhaus. We can provide you with one-of-a-kind expert assistance so you can start your interior design project with confidence.

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