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Need a Fresh Idea for Holiday Decorating?

Since you’ve been spending so much time homebound, you’re well ahead on your holiday decorating, right? Well, maybe not.  Maybe you are in such a funk that you are having a brain-freeze on thinking about the holidays. Or, perhaps you do have those decorating pretty well planned out, or even much of it done, but are still looking for a fresh idea or two.  Here are a few tips.

Guest Room Interior Decorator Atlanta, GAFirst of all, it’s always a good idea to focus on the spaces that count the most. A foyer, if you have one, sets the stage—make it fabulous. Then concentrate on the living room, kitchen and dining room. While this isn’t to say your other spaces can’t be spruced up and decorated, these main spaces are likely where most of the hosting and holiday activities will take place.

The holiday season can be thought of as two distinct periods: Autumn and winter. For many, the decorations from fall to the snowy season are a dramatic change, but decorating those main spaces can be easier if you choose a transitional color palette from the start. Red, gold and silver are all great colors that can be incorporated at the beginning of the season and last until spring.

Don’t overlook smaller places that can have an added touch for the holidays. Replace that display of family photos with some holiday knickknacks. Windowsills, armoires, and yes, even bathrooms deserve a little touch of holiday magic. And, don’t forget to add some holiday spice to the guest room.


Shine, Glow, Sparkle and Bling

Holiday Decor Interior Designer Sandy Springs, GAAccessories are the jewelry for your interior decorating, even more so during the holidays. Ornaments aren’t just for the tree. A simple holiday accent can be created by placing ornaments in a crystal bowl or glass urn.  Round glass balls can even be used as table place cards when you write each guest’s name on them.

Soft glowing light is complementary to you and your holiday guests. Once you’ve turned the lights down low, bring out the candles by the boxful. From tall and tapered to short and stout, candles set a celebratory tone. Grouping candles in odd numbers and varying heights can add interest, or consider displaying them on a silver platter for even more light and shine. Mirrors, picture frames, and metallic vases will help your room sparkle and shine.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up with lots of different metals.

Remember Nature

When choosing plants to help add holiday cheer, think beyond the traditional poinsettias. Fill vases with bouquets of fresh flowers in addition to the usual holly. Or choose beautifully shaped topiaries covered with pepper berries. Or how about draping your dining room chandelier with a pine garland or holly. Visit the produce aisle of your grocery store for some simple and unique holiday decorations.  For example, spray paint walnuts and gourds in silver or gold and display them in a decorative basket.  Or fill a crystal bowl with red and green apples. 

Set your Own Style!

Above all, make your holiday décor reflect your family’s personality.  Are antique toys a personal passion?  Are you a dedicated beachcomber?  Try incorporating your passions into your holiday tree design and other aspects of your decorating.  Do not be afraid to give your festive decorating an unexpected feel, a feel that relates personally to those who will use the space.

Holiday Interior Designer Atlanta, GA

Here are a few more examples that might fit your style.

Atlanta Holiday Interior Decorator

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